NNSV #10 Space Junk & Internet Research!

Nerd Nite Silicon Valley #10- Orbital Junk and Internet Research!

Tuesday January 28th, 2020
DOORS at 7pm, TALKS at 7:30pm
The Tabard Theatre
29 N. San Pedro St, San Jose
Validated parking in San Pedro Market Garage

Topics for Nerd Nite Silicon Valley #10

Grab a drink and see science fiction turned into science fact! Ever wonder about all the stuff that’s been launched into Earth’s orbit? Do you REALLY know how to “Google” something?  You’ve got questions, our speakers have answers! Be there and be square!

Topics for Nerd Nite Silicon Valley #10

Grab a drink and see science fiction turned into science fact! Be there and be square!

27,000 Kilometers Per Hour in the Wrong Lane
Since 1957, what goes up does *not* necessarily come down. With more than half a million pieces of space junk whizzing around the planet at 30 times the speed of sound, how are we still able to go to space? As satellite mega-constellations are poised to connect the world, commercial space operations are booming, and NASA plans for the moon and beyond, let’s dig into the laws of man and nature that determine how long our luck can hold out and what are we doing to avoid the orbital debris catastrophe that could put an end to the space age.

Preston is a tech policy lawyer specializing in extending law into novel domains. He co-hosts Synapse Synopsis, a monthly science and culture salon in SF.

Asking the Internet: using Google Artificial Intelligence to research your way through life
We do online research for just about everything in our lives:  Thinking of going vegan but not sure how? Google it! Wanna know which detergent is safest for your little kid? Look it up! What kind of car should I buy? Ask the internet. But did you ever really learn HOW to do online research?  Most people think they’re great at it, but in fact there’s a lot of room to improve.  Dan will show you how to be a brilliant online researcher, and why Research really should be the 4th R of education (beyond just Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic).

Daniel Russell is Google’s Senior Research Scientist for Search Quality and User Happiness in Mountain View.  He earned his PhD in computer science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence.  These days he realizes that amplifying human intelligence is his real passion.  His day job is understanding how people search for information, and the ways they come to learn about the world through Google.  Dan’s current research is to understand how human intelligence and artificial intelligence can work together to better than either as a solo intelligence. His new book, The Joy of Search, tells intriguing stories of how to be an effective searcher by going from a curious question to a reliable answer, showing how to do online research with skill and accuracy.

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